Taylor Filtsch is an artist and imagineer living in Austin, Texas. She discovered her talent for art at an early age, learning to channel her emotions and interpretations of real life experiences to express her feelings about life, love, joy, tears, ambition and roller coasters. 


Isn't it nice when everything seems to fall into place, when we believe that no matter what happens there will be a positive outcome, when we can trust our own happiness. Yes, when things seem to roll easy, there is a soft heartedness,  an understanding that includes compassion. It is not that it is always that way, but we discover that our attitude about living and life can touch everything and everyone around us. 

In a world whose wheels spin fast enough to drive you crazy, art can reflect turbulence or, on the other side, find life's beauty and tranquility. Even before human language, artistic representations of life appeared, telling the stories of man, his fears and forces that shaped his thinking. The place of art alongside man is unassailable. It captures the universal spirit of humanness.